Guided Walks | Guided Bush Walks

At Bonamanzi, no guided walk is the same; one day you could sight elephant, the next you will find out why that fruit is called the black monkey orange or why the beetle rolls its dung.

Our experienced guides will walk you safely through the bush, whilst explaining all you wish to know about the wildlife and vegetation. A close encounter with the giraffe is often possible and the guides will pass on all the tales and folklore about the bush.

“Muthi” is the Zulu word for medicine. The Zulu people believe very strongly in natural cures and antidotes for anything from a stomach ache to a broken heart. On our guided walks you will find out how the Ilala palm is used to make beer, learn how the Fever tree got its name or discover which tree bark cures hay fever.

Guests can also enjoy guided walks out onto the floodplains leading into Lake St Lucia where your ranger will lead you to the habitat of rare birds like the vividly coloured Pink Throated longclaw and you can view pink-backed flamingos, spoonbills and pelicans.

Walks can be arranged for 1.5 to 5 hours depending on how keen a walker you are.